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Copper Cataplana - Flat Bottom

Copper Cataplana - Flat Bottom

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Copper Hammered Cataplana - Flat Bottom

The copper hand hammered cataplana is an effective cooking device ideal for seafood dishes. that preserving moisture and flavours.

Cooking is rapid (20 - 30 mins for most fish or seafood combinations). You can preserve intense aromas and flavours inside the cataplana by keeping the lid sealed during cooking. When you open the cataplana, the delicious steamy aromas  escape as the lid is opened.

The cataplanas is an essential cooking pan made in Portugal, ideal for seafood and fish dishes. Intense aromas and flavours are preserved until the cataplana is served and opened.

How to use your cataplana:

  • Choose the ingredients for your dish and prepare them by cutting them into bite-sized pieces.
  • Open the cataplana and place the ingredients in layers, starting with the heaviest ingredients on the bottom and the lighter ones on top.
  • Add any liquids or seasonings to the cataplana.
  • Close the cataplana securely, making sure that the two halves are tightly sealed.
  • Place the cataplana on the stove over medium heat and let it cook for the recommended time, usually 20-30 minutes for most fish and seafood combinations.
  • Once the cooking time has elapsed, carefully open the cataplana and serve your dish immediately.

Enjoy your delicious and flavorful meal cooked in a traditional cataplana!

How to choose the best cataplana size for your needs?

Here’s a list of factors to consider when choosing the best cataplana size for your needs:

  • Number of servings: Consider how many people you will be cooking for. A 24cm cataplana is suitable for 2-3 servings, a 27cm cataplana for 3-4 servings, a 30cm cataplana for 4-6 servings, and a 33cm cataplana for 6-8 servings.
  • Type of ingredients: Think about the type of ingredients you will be using in your cataplana. If you plan to cook dishes with larger ingredients, such as whole fish or large pieces of meat, you may need a larger cataplana to accommodate them.
  • Storage space: Consider how much storage space you have available in your kitchen. A larger cataplana will take up more space than a smaller one, so make sure you have enough room to store it when not in use.
  • Cooking surface: Make sure that the size of the cataplana you choose is compatible with your stove or cooking surface. A larger cataplana may not fit on a smaller burner or may not heat evenly on an electric stove.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose the best cataplana size for your needs and start creating delicious and flavorful dishes at home.

Brought to Portugal by the Moors with North African origins, this versatile copper pan retains moisture through steam cooking much like a pressure cooker.

Cataplanas are suited to seafood, fish & chicken dishes, especially where moisture is important to the dish. The cataplana ensures that meats and/or fish maintain and retain excellent flavour during the cooking process. In addition to this, the cataplana much like the Chinese wok can provide a healthy cooking alternative to traditional methods of pan-frying.

We recommend using stock or wine variations to complement any liquid base placed in the cataplana prior to sealing.

The traditional copper hammered cataplana with the flat bottom can also be used by new electric stoves. For induction stoves, there is an additional diffuser plate add-on component that can be used for cataplana cooking.

Our cataplanas are made from high-quality copper with a tin-plated interior finish. Other cataplana accessories include an iron-stand and copper lamp.

We recommend the following cataplana sizes & servings:


  • Dimensions: 240mm (W) x 185mm (H) x 245mm (D)
  • (2 to 3 persons)
  • Weight 600 grams


  • Dimensions: 270mm (W) x 185mm (H) x 275mm (D)
  • (3 to 4 persons) 
  • Weight  800grams


  • Dimensions: 300mm (W) x 185mm (H) x 305mm (D)
  • (5 to 6 persons)
  • Weight 1200grams


    • Dimensions: 355mm (W) x 205mm (H) x 335mm (D)
    • (6 to 8 persons)
    • Weight 1500grams


      • Dimensions: 385mm (W) x 225mm (H) x 355mm (D)
      • (6 to 8 persons)
      • Weight 1800grams


        • Hand Hammered
        • Material: Copper Exterior
        • Interior finish: Tin plated
        • Made in Portugal

      Looking for cataplana recipe ideas?

      Download this recipe ebook from Cataplana Algarvia

      Need a bigger size for larger groups?

      Gourmet copper cataplanas are custom manufactured and totally handcrafted and hand-hammered by experienced artisans.

      These gourmet cataplanas range between 45-70 cm in diameter and are available to order as custom items.

      Their size and beautiful copper shine are impressive in their own right. In fact, many homes and restaurants choose to display these pieces on walls or open shelves.

      As a decorative item, they are versatile: the large, hammered copper looks stunning against a modern white kitchen setting but fits just as well in a rustic farmhouse kitchen or dining room. 

      Still, what makes these pieces truly special is that they are individually hammered by hand. Each cataplana is a work of art, and one that is both aesthetic and functional.

      Hours of work by skilled artisans (they might as well be called artists) go into making each cataplana... this is evident in the end result. 

      Due to the size and weight of these items, orders for gourmet cataplanas require payment in advance.

      Custom orders once placed may take up to 6 weeks to arrive upon completion of the order which is made upon request and hand produced. Custom gourmet cataplanas can be ordered in the following sizes:


      (13 to 15 persons)


      (23 to 25 persons)


      (29 to 31 persons)


      (more than 40 persons)

      Gourmet cataplanas are the perfect size for large gatherings, wedding banquets, dinner parties or festivals. Available upon request. Please enquire for details.

      View full details
      Copper kitchenware from Lusian

      Meet the Maker

      Lusian Coppers are true copperware masters with generations of experience behind their products. Specialists in copper kitchenware, the company prides itself on still utilizing traditional manufacturing techniques to make many of its items. The skill that goes into making these has been passed on from generation to generation, mounting back from the early days of cataplana usage.

      Iberica is proud to showcase Lusian Coppers’cataplanas: copper pressure cookers that are an iconic part of Algarve’s cuisine. The Algarve, continental Portugal’s southernmost region, delights visitors from far and wide with its delicious, fresh seafood.

      • We ship globally

        We cover all corners of the globe. Retail and Wholesale enquiries both welcome.

      • Custom Orders

        Some of our products are available as a custom order piece. To provide security to the artisan, we will ask for payment in advance for your order.