About Us

Iberica – It all started with Portuguese ceramics.

When I was growing up, the annual summer trip to Portugal was always an exciting adventure. We would spend weeks on the Costa Vicentina, Portugal's wild and still relatively untouched Southwest coast, beach. Our family lunches were a daily highlight with an array of appetizers, seafood or local catch decorated with freshly harvested ingredients on colourful handcrafted tableware. Now living in Australia, I am fondly reminded of those special times spent with family, in a place that I love, from a culture to which I proudly belong.

Iberica – Pretty things from Portugal, delights & celebrates all things Iberian. Portuguese ceramics, copper cataplanas, chorizo grills, hand-crafted designer accessories, and other items have been lovingly curated to fill your virtual suitcase. 

Handcrafted artistry is passed down through generations and widely popular with locals and visitors alike, as a new generation of designers is emerging with unique styles. Portugal is rich in history, culture, and design, in addition to having a spiritual emphasis on the family, food, and home, simple reminders of the beauty of a shared life.

I am thrilled that I can share my discoveries, form new partnerships, and provide my latest Iberian experiences with others willing to share their own travel experiences. Most of all, I enjoy and value the exchange with others who are always keen to share their own experiences in travel. When someone expresses their enthusiasm for my store or sees the cataplana while in Portugal, but just can't fit it in their suitcase, I am delighted. For all those who are excited by travel, inspired by food, influenced by history and seduced by adventure, Iberica is for you.

Be forever inspired.