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Body Rituals Travel Set

Body Rituals Travel Set

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Body Rituals Travel Set

Each Memorice scented candle represents a story, full of experiences and memories in Comporta. So let your mind relax and travel with our BODY RITUALS TRAVEL SET. 


With coconut oil-derived surfactants, bilberry and mango extracts, the formula transforms into a velvety foam, and cleanses and softens skin. leave your skin scented, nourished with this amazing fragrance. Dispense a small amount into warm running water for a sumptuous bathing treat that leaves skin silky soft. Rinse thoroughly.

With sunflower oil and rich in vitamin E, this formula turns your skin into velvet. Dispense a small amount into palms and massage into the skin.

Enriched with hibiscus flower extract, which is rich in vitamin C and amino acids, this flower improves the blood circulation under the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth. Can be used daily, and adds silkiness and shine to hair.   Suitable for daily use. Take a small amount and massage into wet hair to create a lather. Rinse thoroughly to leave hair delicately fragranced. Repeat if desired.
NOTE: due to handmade production process, the fabric patterns and size may vary. You can create your own set choosing your scented candle and notebook. Just need to send us an e-mail with your order number and that request.
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Meet the Maker

MEMORICE means “collecting memories in the land of rice” since all collections are inspired by Comporta features, the place where the brand is developed: the endless beaches, unique lavender backyards with a distinct essence, the late afternoon cocktails.

By focusing on using mainly organic and recycled materials, manual techniques as opposed to industrial or massive production, MEMORICE promotes local economic and social development, while also spreading the best quality work that is done in Comporta.

MEMORICE collections are composed by collections FOR YOU and FOR HOME. 

Be aware that our products are handcrafted and each collections is unique and therefore available only in limited edition.

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