Collection: For Kids

Classic Clothing & Baby Swings 

Introducing the special occasion children's clothing by Maria Chicória! This fantastic line of apparel is perfect for dressing up your little ones in style. This collection has a wide range of classic styles for newborns all the way up to 12 years old, you can even dress up siblings of various ages in matching kids outfits. Plus, the high quality and fun designs make this collection perfect for any special occasion.

Santa Maria beach ponchos by Torres Novas for kids are inspired by the Santa Maria lighthouse, on Culatra Island, in the Algarve. With warm Summer colors, their intertwined texture evokes the lighthouse's surface, promising to light up any splash at the beach. Made from 100% high-quality cotton, these pareo-style ponchos are lightweight and comfortable, making them the ideal companions for your children's Summer days.

New in 2023, Baby Swings by Mada in Lisbon. Beautifully constructed, high quality baby and kid swings. Available in different colours and styles. Looking for a toy storage solution that's both practical and stylish? Check out our new arrivals of Toy Bags! This play mat and storage bag combo is the perfect way to keep your child's toys organized and easily accessible. With a colorful pattern on one side and a solid blue color on the other, it's versatile and fun. Plus, it's super easy to use - just lay it out as a play mat, then pull the drawstring to convert it into a bag. Perfect for playdates, travel, or just tidying up at home.